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  Our breeding program begins and ends with the cow. The cow is the factory of our operation so we take care of her. Our goal is not to focus on individuals but manage the genetic input to influence the herd as a whole. Our bulls that we sell are strong maternally and are the result of trying to build a better cow and cow herd.


  This is what we expect of our cows:


  • must be able to thrive under a forage only environment

  • fertility and ability to rebreed annually

  • produce "adequate" milk to produce a healthy calf

  • wean a calf every year that is an respectable % of her body weight

  • calf on her own unassisted and unsupervised 

  • maintain body conditions year round even in harsh winter conditions

  • be structurally sound in all aspects / no production limiting factors

  • longevity, we expect an average of 10 years of service

  This is what you can expect from our breeding stock:


  • moderate frame and weight (4-5 / 1250 lb cows)

  • easy keeping / low maintenance cattle

  • calving ease; as we don't actively select traits for extreme performance or frame score

  • excellent for an increase in maternal function in a crossbreeding system

  • if you are like minded in production and management they will work for you

  We originally started producing bulls out of neccesity.....we were not finding the bulls for our commercial herd that we wanted. So we decided to produce our own. We haven't wavered in our goals or genetic input since and as a result we have a surplus of bulls that we would use that we now market to our loyal customers.



  Many bull suppliers will have different bulls for various customer needs. For ex:


  • performance bull = high growth

  • carcass bull = favorable scan data

  • heifer bull = low BW calves


  These are mostly terminal traits that are largely antagonistic to maternal traits. In many cases they will change genetic goals based on market trends, fads and anticipated customer demand. 



  We are the exact opposite. You should expect the same type of genetic potential with every bull we sell. We want every bull we sell to represent our cow herd as a whole. 

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