2020 Bull Offering 

Q. What are you selling?


We are selling approx 65 Black Angus Bulls. These bulls are born in 2018 and are coming 2yrs old this coming May. We sell 2 different types of bulls. The majority (55) are commercial unpapered bulls. These bulls are 100% Black Angus but are not papered and are not sire verified. For more info on what a commercial bull is CLICK HERE. We also sell a handful of purebred bulls every year as well. This year we have about 10 to sell as well as select herd sires on a case by case basis.

Pictured is commercial bull C851 - Jan 8, 2018.

Q. How do you sell the bulls?

We do not host a sale event. We sell the bulls "Private Treaty" off the ranch. The bulls are sold on a first come basis. We generally start selling bulls in January and through till August, with March being our busiest month. The bulls can be viewed at any time, we just ask that you give us a days advance if you would like to come for a look. A deposit of $1000/bull is required as a deposit to hold any purchase. The balance is due upon delivery which is generally in the April/May timeframe. The commercial bulls are flat priced at $4500 each while the purebreds are individually priced.

Pictured is a group of commercial bulls - Jan 8, 2018.

Q. How are the bulls developed?

We "slow develop" our bulls for maximum breeding capacity and longevity. We develop bulls like we would want to buy them. They are not pushed for maximum gains but rather to develop into a breeding machine that will service cows for many years. Here is a link to a BLOG post that explains our development program in greater detail ...CLICK HERE.


Pictured gallery is from our Twitter feed showcasing the 2018 sale bulls developing over the past year.

Here is another link to show what our yearling bulls look like when they come off seasonal pasture, before they come home for their final winter prior to sales season ...CLICK HERE.

Q. Who are the sires of the commercial bulls?

The commercial bulls are from multi sire breeding groups. The only way to determine sires would be through DNA testing. Currently, this is not something we are offering on these bulls. However, we do have a full list of all of the bulls used for the first cycle of breeding in 2017. These bulls would be the sire group of the 2020 commercial sale bulls. They are listed below. Click on their number for a link to the CAA pedigree.

3 Sired by SAV Copyright: NBA 7B, NBA 8B, NBA 19B

3 Sired by Dunlouise Jipsey Earl: NBA 13Y, NBA 18Y, NBA 18X

2 Sired by Turihaua Texan: NBA 12Z, NBA 22Z

2 Sired by Sinclair Entrepreneur: NBA 5B, NBA 10B

1 Sired by OCC Tremendous: NBA 15Y

1 Sired by Duff Encore: NBA 16Z

1 Sired by Cedar Ridge: NBA 21B

1 Sired by NBA 25U: NBA 13A

1 Sired by NBA 2X: NBA 1A

For a full link to the AI Sires of these herd bulls ...CLICK HERE.

NBA Copyright 8B
NBA Copyright 19B
NBA Encore 16Z

Q. What are the sire groups of your Purebred bulls on offer?

We have 5 sire groups represented in our purebred bulls. The bulls are pictured below, click their pic to view their pedigree.

JAD Fremont
Chapman Memento
Coleman Charlo
NBA Lodge 25C
NBA Cedar Ridge 5C

Q. Why don't you have performance data or EPDs?

We have chosen to take a different path with respect to numbers. While there are plenty of numbers that are important to us, the numbers of individual bulls are less important than the performance of herd as a whole. That is what matters to us. For a bit more information on our philosophy relating to our herd ...CLICK HERE

Q. Do you have any heifer bulls?

That is a good question. One that we get asked frequently. The answer is no and yes! No, we do not have bulls that are specifically for heifers. Yes, because of our breeding program all bulls can be used comfortably on heifers and cows. Stay tuned for an in depth BLOG post on this topic in the coming months!

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